K9Kiss.com Product Reviews

Our pets deserve the best.  This includes the foods they eat. The comments found on this page are totally unsolicited and made by those who have p[urchased our products for their dogs.   

To those making comments here, we thank you. We can't get better without your input.  To those reading the comments found here please know we will do all we can to help you and your dog too! 

ID First Name Last Name Product Rate Your Experience
169 BRUCE DILL Midnight's Mini Muffins with Liver Treat 5 Stars
52 Diana Munoz-Scaggs Osker's Beef Liver Soft Yummies 5 Stars
46 Lindsey Blankenship Athena's Crunchy Chicken Paws - Organic Chicken Paws 5 Stars
45 Lin Feazle Osker's Beef Liver Soft Yummies 5 Stars
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