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Debra    Dumont      Your Dog's Name     Rosie      Date of Class     2020-12-20


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Dawn was amazing from the minute we started working with her. We have a 1 1/2 year old English Shepard - Rosie. She loves Dawn. The whole training experience has been really great. Dawn is extremely passionate about what she does and she is awesome to work with. She is well organized and lays out the plan that works best for us and Rosie. She works with us on what we are looking for with the training. She listens and is extremely patient. Dawn works with our family and what are the best commands for us and Rosie. She is training us all and it is great. All the documents she provides are very informative and even better she follows up after each session to see if we have questions and to see how things are going before we meet again. She is truly a lifesaver for us. We love Rosie and she has made the overall training experience perfect for our family and Rosie. She also gives us great advice on food, treats, leashes, etc...We are still working with Dawn and loving each session. We recently had a small medical issue with Rosie which is all fine. However, Dawn stopped to give us advice and she followed up daily with us to check in on Rosie....that was really thoughtful and shows how much she cares. Huge thanks to Dawn for all she does.. It is great seeing someone love what they do so much and we appreciate all she does for us and Rosie.



5 Stars 

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