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Meg   Sheridan      Your Dog's Name     Stormy      Date of Class     2018-10-13


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I adopted my Belgian Malinois at 6 months old after she failed out of drug school. I had her one full day and realized I needed help! It was like having a coyote loose in my house. I started taking classes with Dawn two days later. Our first day together she asked me what I wanted to work on, my reply "Everything but my biggest problem is food and toy aggression. I can't have my dog biting me when I want to take something from her." Stormy was pretty out of control at this point and even went after Dawn on our first day. Fast forward 6 weeks and I had a completely different dog. Dawn really helped coach me and Stormy (mostly me) to live in harmony. Stormy passed her first and second rounds of training and now she is on her way to become a Canine Good Citizen. I honestly probably would not still have her if it were not for Dawn's help. I am so grateful to have a well-behaved social Mali!



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