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Dawn has been amazing with our large Rottie! She has given us the tools needed to train our dog to be more well mannered. I looked around at multiple trainers in the Richmond area, and a lot of them use shock collars or punishment as a means of training out bad behaviors. I really like how Dawn uses positive reinforcement training which to me seems more humane for training a sweet family dog. It is obvious she actually cares about your dog because it shows in how she interacts with them during training sessions. She always makes herself available for questions throughout the training program and responds very quickly with helpful information. Prior to meeting Dawn, our dog was very reactive towards other dogs on leash. He gave friendly humps to anyone who got too close, and we were never really able to have people over because of this. After just two weeks we saw a huge improvement in Odin. Now, we're able to have people over and we even took our dog to Lowe's the other day! I can't recommend K9kiss enough for their training services, especially if you need someone with experience in training large breed dogs!



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