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Life is all about giving back and helping others. Training dogs using "Positive Training Techniques" is our passion here at K9Kiss.com.  The comments found on this page are totally unsolicited and made by those who have been touched by our methods of instruction, our love for the dogs we work with and our insatiable desire to make a difference. 

To those making comments here, we thank you. We can't get better without your input.  To those reading the comments found here please know we will do all we can to help you and your dog too! 


ID First Name Last Name City Email Share your Experience Rate Your Experience
154 GWYNNE JENKINS MIDLOTHIAN GWYNNEJ@GMAIL.COM We brought in Dawn to help us train our foster dog and help get Piper in great shape to join her forever home. Although we'd worked w/trainers before, we wanted a brush up. I'm so glad we did! Dawn helped us understand that latest thinking and quickly get Piper in great shape for adoption. Importantly, Dawn also helped us introduce Piper to another foster, Timmy, after an unsettling introduction. Dawn helped us read the signs in ways that we could not (even as long-term dog owners & fosterers). Dawn's a terrific trainer, and cares a lot about her clients. Great communication & follow-up. 5 Stars
142 Kimberly Kirven Midlothian bukize1@gmail.com This was my first time using k9kiss for pet sitting after being referred by a good friend who uses the in home sitting service often. From my initial conversation with Dawn, I felt comfortable hiring k9kiss to come into my home and watch my puppy for the weekend. Our experience with Carla could not have been better! She came to our home prior to pet sitting for a meet and greet. We loved meeting her and knew she would be perfect for Stevie. She loved our little girl so much, took her on daily walks, and sent us pictures and videos of her. We could tell how happy Stevie was through Carla's texts and pictures! Also, our house was in better shape when we got home than when we left it. Carla washed the sheets and remade the bed, laundered the towels, cleaned the bathroom and kitchen, and vacuumed. Carla is a true gem and asset to k9kiss! We can't wait to use her again! 5 Stars
139 Caitlyn Slonaker Richmond cjslonaker@gmail.com Dawn has been amazing with our large Rottie! She has given us the tools needed to train our dog to be more well mannered. I looked around at multiple trainers in the Richmond area, and a lot of them use shock collars or punishment as a means of training out bad behaviors. I really like how Dawn uses positive reinforcement training which to me seems more humane for training a sweet family dog. It is obvious she actually cares about your dog because it shows in how she interacts with them during training sessions. She always makes herself available for questions throughout the training program and responds very quickly with helpful information. Prior to meeting Dawn, our dog was very reactive towards other dogs on leash. He gave friendly humps to anyone who got too close, and we were never really able to have people over because of this. After just two weeks we saw a huge improvement in Odin. Now, we're able to have people over and we even took our dog to Lowe's the other day! I can't recommend K9kiss enough for their training services, especially if you need someone with experience in training large breed dogs! 5 Stars
131 Tiffany DeBorde Midlothian tifdeborde@gmail.com Scout is a sweetheart! She came to our house and watched our 8 month old dog and our two cats for over 3 weeks while we were on vacation. She took excellent care of our fur babies and showered them with lots of love and affection. Scout communicated with us the entire time we were away, sending lots of pics and videos. It was comforting to know they were all doing well. She even took our dog to the vet when she developed pink eye and administered her eye medication. Our house, mail, numerous UPS packages and pets were all safe and sound when we returned. She even made us a breakfast casserole to enjoy since we came in late when we returned. It was delicious! Scout is so kind and thoughtful and we will definitely be asking her to house/pet sit in the future ! 5 Stars
117 Joy Ainsworth Midlothian joykennedy1972@gmail.com Carla does a fabulous job watching after our doggie (Gabriel). She has stayed w/ him several times when we went away for vacation and Gabriel and we just love her. She gives him lots of attention and sends up photos and updates while we are away. We just love Carla and we know she adores Gabriel. Thank you for your services! 5 Stars
113 Rachel Wassem Powhatan Rwassem@gmail.com Scout (dog sitter)came and watched our dogs for a week while we were on vacation. She took very good care of them and showed them much love and attention. Communication between Dawn and Scout was great. Scout left the dogs clean and the house clean and even had a breakfast casserole in the fridge for us to put in the oven the next morning since we came in late. She was very sweet and got the dogs each a little present. She sent lots of updates and pictures throughout the week. My dogs, I'm sure, didn't miss us at all. We will definitely have Scout come back again next time we fly out of state. 5 Stars
95 Debra Dumont Powhatan debra.dumont@verizon.com Dawn was amazing from the minute we started working with her. We have a 1 1/2 year old English Shepard - Rosie. She loves Dawn. The whole training experience has been really great. Dawn is extremely passionate about what she does and she is awesome to work with. She is well organized and lays out the plan that works best for us and Rosie. She works with us on what we are looking for with the training. She listens and is extremely patient. Dawn works with our family and what are the best commands for us and Rosie. She is training us all and it is great. All the documents she provides are very informative and even better she follows up after each session to see if we have questions and to see how things are going before we meet again. She is truly a lifesaver for us. We love Rosie and she has made the overall training experience perfect for our family and Rosie. She also gives us great advice on food, treats, leashes, etc...We are still working with Dawn and loving each session. We recently had a small medical issue with Rosie which is all fine. However, Dawn stopped to give us advice and she followed up daily with us to check in on Rosie....that was really thoughtful and shows how much she cares. Huge thanks to Dawn for all she does.. It is great seeing someone love what they do so much and we appreciate all she does for us and Rosie. 5 Stars
79 Jenni Waldrop Moseley Jenniwaldrop@gmail.com Dawn has been working with our puppy, Waylen for over a month & the improvements have been amazing! I honestly thought he was a lost cause & Dawn changed it all! I highly recommend Dawn and her training! Dawn not only showed me what Waylen was capable of she taught me how to train him. Dawn has always followed up to check in on him during the days before our next sessions! I am so thankful we found her! 5 Stars
78 Mary Ott Midlothian mdmunson5@gmail.com My experience with Dawn has been wonderful! Dawn's advice has been essential for training our puppy. Her techniques are respectful and humane for the dog and practical for the human owners. A neighbor recommended Dawn to me, and I would also highly recommend her also - especially for any one who has no prior puppy experience like us! 5 Stars
67 Gale Cushing midlothian galecushing@verizon.net Dawn did an outstanding job training me to train Chloe to pass her Good Citizen Canine Test. Not only does Dawn possess great dog training skills she also has a heart of gold! 5 Stars
66 Bruce Dill Tulsa bdill@prosoftintl.com Loved it 5 Stars
61 Debbie Inlow Mudlothian Thetuli1231@gmail.com Luke and I both have learned so much from Dawn’s training. Luke started out as a very skittish pup who would not come out of his crate...now he’s friendly, obeys commands and is wonderful to be around. I can’t thank you enough, Dawn! 5 Stars
59 Derek Price Chester dhprice1983@gmail.com If anyone is looking for a dog trainer look no further than Dawn Rice and K9Kiss.com. Only my second session and already my pup is making huge strides. It’s as much about owner education as it is anything else. There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude. 5 Stars
51 Deborah Cooke North Chesterfield tdb1700@verizon.net Jake loves Dawn's liver treats, and they are good for him. I love how they come in a Mason jar with his name in it. REALLY HOME MADE. I will be ordering more. 5 Stars
48 Nicole Bennett Midlothian nbennett.ia@gmail.com Dawn is an amazing trainer, patient and knowledgable. She worked with our entire family in helping us train and acclimate a new puppy to our household. Within a week of working with Dawn, our puppy quickly recognized basic commands. Within 2-3 weeks of training, our puppy had mastered the basic commands and we continued to work with Dawn on other advance commands. We have nothing but respect and admirable for the work Dawn does with rescue organizations in RVA. 5 Stars
47 Lindsey Blankenship Midlothian blankenshiplindsey@yahoo.com Ellie is a boxer puppy who is full of energy. I could see a big difference after puppy training. She now listens and obeys commands. As a result, we are all happier! Thank you! 5 Stars
40 Julie Schweitzer Midlothian julieboys3@aol.com I showed up in Dawn's training class with a scared, insecured husky puppy who wouldn't let anyone touch him or get close to him. After taking 3, 6 wk courses, I ended up with a secure, people pleasing, trained pup. I am totally thankful for Dawn's guidance and expertise training. My dog got off his collar, spooked and took off running. I calmly shouted out his commands and my dog came and hopped in my car. Repair man came to my house and my pup was being overly protective and growling. Again, Dawn's traing came into play as I gave him his commands and he settled into his down position. My pup has grown into such a nice, loving, we'll trained dog, that always listens to me, thanks to Dawn and her way of teaching. Her training is fun, knowledgeable and catered to your needs. 5 Stars
38 Diana Muñoz Midlothian dmmunoz64@gmail.com We started working with Dawn in November 2018 and immediately our little 3 month puppy began to pick up her training. Because of her we have seen such a difference in his personality and confidence development. She really has a way of getting our dog to listen and learn - she’s like a dog whisperer!! We've also used her boarding service. She went above and beyond, and was extremely accommodating with our schedule. During boarding, she kept us updated with texts and pics of our little guy. Dawn is extreme patient with both puppy and humans, she’s dedicated, caring and loving. Paco loves her! I looked into other trainers before meeting Dawn, and even tried another training business in Richmond. I feel so blessed we found Dawn and made the switch to her personal training sessions. She has been a saving grace for our family! 5 Stars
37 Catherine Jordan Powhatan jordancd@verizon.net I met Dawn Rice through our both volunteering at a no-kill shelter Houlagans' Rest. www.HoulagansRest.com She is a very knowledgeable dog trainer and is patient and caring. She coordinates a monthly adoption stand and works enthusiastically to help place some of the most difficult cases imaginable. She is creative in finding solutions and is always an advocate for the dogs. She would make an excellent pet sitter as she is conscientious, caring, dog lover. 5 Stars
35 Meg Sheridan POWHATAN sheridan1363@comcast.net I adopted my Belgian Malinois at 6 months old after she failed out of drug school. I had her one full day and realized I needed help! It was like having a coyote loose in my house. I started taking classes with Dawn two days later. Our first day together she asked me what I wanted to work on, my reply "Everything but my biggest problem is food and toy aggression. I can't have my dog biting me when I want to take something from her." Stormy was pretty out of control at this point and even went after Dawn on our first day. Fast forward 6 weeks and I had a completely different dog. Dawn really helped coach me and Stormy (mostly me) to live in harmony. Stormy passed her first and second rounds of training and now she is on her way to become a Canine Good Citizen. I honestly probably would not still have her if it were not for Dawn's help. I am so grateful to have a well-behaved social Mali! 5 Stars
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