K9Kiss.com Links You Should Check Out



ResearchBreeder.com is the world's leading canine genetics site.  All breeds have a list of specific tests which should be completed prior to being used in the breeding process.



TheNationalDogDirectory.com is part of ResearchBreeder.com's websites and allows you to register your dogs. If your dog gets lost anywhere you just change their status to lost and all other dog owners in the area will receive emails and texts.  Also, every rescue organizations in the state will be notified along with your veterinarian.



DogBookWorld.com is Facebook for dog owners and anyone else who wants to join.  The difference is DogBook does not allow any advertising, any profanity, or any political discussions.


HoulagansRest.org Rescue

HoulagansRest.org is a local rescue in Powhatan, Virginia.  They have wonderful dogs. 

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