Dawn Rice Professional Positive og TrainerMeet Dawn Rice

Dawn was born in Gainsville Fla . Having grown up with large dogs, it was easy to be comfortable around them while learning to respect them. The love carried over into my adult years.

"Leadership is not about being in charge. Leadership is about taking care of those in your charge" ~Simon Sinek





Dawn Loves Dogs

About my love for dogs...I have had dogs throughout my adult life and now that I train dogs and work with a rescue, I can appreciate the hard work it takes in learning and understanding the workings of a dog. I want these rescue dogs to be adopted and placed in a forever home. Training these dogs are a priority as a well trained dog is less likely to go back to the kennel. I have 5 rescues and I can't imagine my life without them.

My philosophy of dog training is not actually training. We should teach them what we want them to learn... just like a child. We shouldn't punish our kids for something they did if we never taught them what not to do....same with our dogs. Teach them what we want them to do... they have worth!  Scientific evidence has shown this is clearly the best way to train dogs ...and the most humane way. There is no more dominating our dogs but instead there is a cooperative relationship based on trust and mutual respect..  Have fun with your little guys and gals and the rewards are there.

"Training often fails because people expect way too much of the animal and way to little of themselves"  ~ Bob Bailey



 Dawn began her career in education with a BS in education from the University of Montevallo followed by a Master's in Education at CSU in Ft. Collins, Colorado . A career change ensued and she received a BSN from Salve Regina in Newport. RI. This  was followed by a Master's Degree in Nursing Anesthesia. After retiring from nursing, a new career in dog training took place with a renewed interest and vigor for making a dogs' life better.... One pup at a time




 Dawn is certified by CCPDT-KA.  Member of ADPT

Dawn's work is based on the science of learning theory combined with her insight  and expereince as a dog trainer. She has an enduring interest in pets and the relationship with their owners. She also has years of experience working with a local rescue...www.HoulagansRest.com

Every interaction with your pup is a learning experience and a training opportunity. It really is about traininng people to train their dog with patience. Success in the classroom or your living room means success in the home and the bond between dog and human.

While training is just a part of being a great pet owner, spaying and neutering is too important to not mention it here.  Be a responsible owner and please spay or neuter. Spread the word so that we can decrease the dog and cat population in the high kill shelters. A well trained dog is less likely to be surrendered and trainng people to do it right is my mission.

Expereince: Positivre dog training, clicker training, socialization techniques, dog sitting and boarding.

AKC STARR Puppy and CGC Certification


"Empower rather Overpower"  ~ Susan Friedman

Let's design training protocols together that enable your dog to have some control and give them a way to say "no" or "I need a break". Let's listen and learn together.







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