Dawn wins the top two awards from the Richmond Community

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K9Kiss - All Your Dog Needs- Training, Housesitting, and Premium Dog Treats

There is a whole new way to train dogs. In the past people thought training their dog was to teach it to sit, stay, or down. The old ways have faded and the new ways of "Positive" training have arrived. Now we use behavioral science to train our dogs, but we also use it to understand and communicate with our dogs, we build strong relationships with our dogs as a result of relying on mutual trust, respect and love instead of pain, fear and intimidation.

Regardless of breed, size, or age, positive training techniques work, building trust, relationship, and avoiding physical punishment and fear.  Learning about how your dog thinks and responds will revolutionize the relationship you have with your dog, speed up the training process and lead to a life of joy for you, your dog, and family.

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Want to Know How I Can Help?

You want to enjoy your dog walking calmly beside you.

Your new $400 boots are still intact.

Your dog can walk calmly beside you when it sees another dog.

You will have a relationship with your pup!

Your friends' enjoy visiting you and your amazing pup.

In your dogs mind you are the world to him.

Your furniture looks like you don't even own a dog!

We will train your dog together!



Let's work and train both of you... all in a positive way for you and your dog's happiness.


















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